Core Research Project

Statewide Integrated Health Promotion to Decrease Obesity and Smoking in Community Mental Health Settings

Core Research Project
Co-Principal Investigators: Sarah I. Pratt, PhD and Kelly A. Aschbrenner, PhD

Aim 1: To identify clinical, psychological, and program predictors of long-term health outcomes for 800 people with obesity and mental illness and 400 smokers with mental illness in a statewide, incentive-based health promotion program.

Aim 2: To explore individual, social, and environmental factors associated with long-term health outcomes in a statewide health promotion program comparing high (n=30) vs. low (n=30) improved health outcomes.

Aim 3: To evaluate long-term sustainability and costs of integrated health promotion programs for the vulnerable health disparity population of adults with mental illness.

PRC 30th Anniversary: Community Highlight Story featuring the Health Promotion Research Center at Dartmouth

We’re still in the process of evaluating all of our data, so the overall results aren’t available yet. But it looks very promising—we’re seeing a lot of great success stories, where people like Tara and Mike have literally turned their lives around.”
— Sarah I. Pratt, PhD

In SHAPE is a wellness program for individuals with mental illness. The program enrolls adults with mental illness in community wellness activities such as exercise and dance classes, weight loss programs, and smoking cessation. The goal is to improve physical health and quality of life, reduce the risk of preventable diseases and enhanced the life expectancy of individuals with severe mental illnesses.