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“Breaking Point: Heroin in America”

After nearly two years of planning and filming, ABC News 20/20 with David Muir will air the program “Breaking Point: Heroin in America,” Friday, March 11, at 10 pm. The broadcast will focus on the dramatic increase in heroin use, abuse and deaths during the past decade, the effects addiction has had on individuals, families, survivors and mothers and infants, especially in New England and New Hampshire.
The program also will focus on the challenges of political leaders, law enforcement and emergency medical providers in Manchester, Portsmouth and other regional cities to grapple with a crisis that now kills more people every year than automobile accidents, and leads to significant strains on all levels of government and social services.
Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s participation in the program is expected to feature a number of our providers and patients in the Perinatal Addiction Treatment Program (PATP) based at River Mill in Lebanon. Sarah Akerman, Cathy Milliken, Bonny Whalen and Alison Holmes and the teams of providers in the PATP, Birthing Pavilion, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and CHaD provided exceptional access and insights. Our patients – brave women struggling to overcome and manage the disease of addiction – and their infants provided powerful personal stories of their disease, their treatment and their hopes for the future.  We do not know precisely how D-H and its various responses will be portrayed, but the producers have assured us throughout the project that D-H is the “sign of hope” in the epidemic of addiction.
View an ABC promotional trailer here.
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