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ASTHO-PRC Ask the Experts: Mental and Public Health Integration


Expert panelists from University of Washington Prevention Research Center, Dartmouth University Prevention Research Center, Nevada Department of Health and Human Services will address the intersection of community-based research, policy development and program implementation related to integrating mental and public health. Upon registration, participants will have the opportunity to submit questions for the panelists to address. 

CDC supports 26 Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) connected with accredited schools of public health or schools of medicine to conduct prevention research. These centers also partner with community stakeholders to translate the research into effective programs and other strategies to support national and state initiatives to improve public health.  

Stephen Bartels, MD, MS, Co-Principal Investigator, Health Promotion Research Center at Dartmouth
Julie Kotchevar, PhD, Deputy Director, Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
Lesley Steinman, MPH, MSW, Research Scientist, University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center


  • Facilitate discussion between public health professionals and public health experts.
  • Identify strategies for reducing stigma associated with mental and behavioral health.
  • Understand how public health can integrate with mental and behavioral health.
  • Learn how state health departments can partner with PRCs to implement and adapt public health programs for people with mental health illness.