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Youth Summit 2019

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock will host a two-day summit focused on our youth. On Friday, April 5, invited high-school aged students from across the State of New Hampshire will come together to discuss the challenges they face, celebrate successes and develop solutions. Parents, educators, legislators and anyone interested in the pressures our youth face are invited to attend on Saturday, April 6. Students' voices from Day 1 will be heard, and observations from the topic experts who attended the previous day's discussion will be shared.

Topics will include:

- Academic Pressures
- Addiction
- Bullying and Cyberbullying
- Community Support
- Eating Disorders
- Race and Gender Equality
- School Violence
- Self Harm
- Sexuality, Gender and Sexual Identity
- Using Social Media for Good

This is a multi-day event. Please see schedule:

  • Youth Summit for Students (Friday, April 5: invitation only)

  • Film & Writing Festival (Friday. April 5: invitation only)

  • Youth Summit for Parents, Educators and Community (Saturday, April 6: open to the public)

Light meals and refreshments will be served.