Franklin Pierce University: Substance Misuse, Identity, and Race

Lead: Anne Goodrich-Bazan, Franklin Pierce University
Photovoice Mentor: Anna Adachi-Mejia, Dartmouth College



Lessons Learned & Themes:
Students enjoyed the process
Students focused on positive messages and images to promote to classmates
Success of the first project led to another student group expressing interest, and ultimately completing their own photovoice product on video

Policy/Practice Implications:
Collaborated with Cheshire County, Keene State College, NH Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services
Used images to promote positive behavior and share information about policies
Shared with the Franklin Pierce Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee in a campus-wide academic showcase
NH State Health Improvement Plan: alcohol abuse, injury prevention

Project Description:
12 college students were invited to engage in a photovoice project to promote being substance free and avoiding binge drinking on a rural college campus
The success of this project led to a different group, the ALANA Student Group, a student discussion group comprised of students of color, to develop a photovoice movie about racial identity on a rural college campus

Health Issues: 
Promoting healthy living, avoiding binge drinking and substance misuse on a college campus
Racial identity on a rural college campus



Images from ALANA Photovoice Movie